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Many people are not aware of the fact that buying electricity and natural gas is similar to buying phone service. A utility supplies and repairs the lines, but consumers are free to negotiate competitive prices from many suppliers. Unlike telecommunications which has only 4-5 large players (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile), the deregulated electricity and natural gas industry has in most areas as many as 50 companies competing to sell consumers electricity and/or natural gas.

Deregulation of electricity began nationally in 1998 when Pennsylvania was one of the first states to begin. Other states followed, including Texas which began deregulation of electricity in 2002. There are now approximately 16 states, which are the most populated states that have deregulated electricity. And there are many more states that have deregulated natural gas. Our company has begun to expand into more cities in Texas since we began in 2002 and is beginning to expand into the other deregulated states as well.

American Enerpower, Inc. was started in 2002 and we are now expanding in Texas and all other states. American Enerpower has been a successful energy broker for more than thirteen (13) years. Our primary service is to find for customer’s the lowest price with the best terms and conditions from trustworthy electricity and natural gas suppliers and then to help customer’s execute a contract on those terms. You are encouraged to explore for more about how energy brokerage works.

We call our sales personnel Advisors because they provide advice to customer’s. American Enerpower has relationships with more than twelve suppliers currently from which our Advisors obtain electricity and natural gas quotes and then present to customer’s for consideration. We solicit quotations from more suppliers than other brokers, and we only deal with financially strong, competitive and trust worthy suppliers. The terms offered by each will vary based on price, other fees charged, and length of the contract.

When quotes are received, our Advisors prepare a report for the customer listing all the quotes and identifying which suppliers have the best price, terms and conditions. When a decision is made about which proposal is best, the client signs up with the supplier that submitted the winning quote. We help the client if any complications arise. Neither American Enerpower nor our Advisors are parties to that contract; hence our role is only as an advisor. We provide valuable services, however, as we introduce clients to a large universe of the foremost energy suppliers, help clients understand the terms and conditions, and guide them through the contracting process to a successful contract conclusion.

Who pays the Advisor? The rate a customer pays includes a commission fee which is established by the Advisor. This fee times the customer’s usage equals the monthly commission payable to American Enerpower. Generally, the Advisor receives 75% of that commission, and EA receives 25%.  

A few significant points about working as an Advisor:

  • Advisors are independent contractors who work for themselves. The job requires discipline to contact potential clients and explain why American Enerpower provides a valuable service helping both businesses and homeowners find the best contract price, terms and conditions for electricity and natural gas.
  • We sell a product that everyone needs. Virtually everyone and every business is a potential customer. American Enerpower lowers its customers energy costs by making retailers compete on price.
  • Because Advisors work for themselves, they can set their own hours and enjoy independence. Often you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home office to work with a customer.
  • American Enerpower has been successfully assisting customers since 2002. Customers understand that we provide important services and help them save money. Working as an Advisor is a “feel good job” because we honestly help people! We also stress integrity and transparency in all that we do.
  • Suppliers pay commissions every month to American Enerpower based upon usage and commission fee and in turn Advisors are paid monthly. Thus, you would be paid every month as long as the contracts you help negotiate remain in effect. Many contracts have 24 month, 36 month and even up to 60 terms, and more than 95% of clients ask our assistance with renewals. Accordingly, a good Advisor can build up an exciting income that will last for years. 
  • American Enerpower, Inc. has developed the most comprehensive CRM (client relationship management) software in the industry. We train Advisors how to use that program to fill in forms for soliciting quotations from suppliers, to generate a document for clients showing the proposals, and to track transaction data (including commissions) 24/7/365 worldwide on all devices. 
  • This is not a franchise. It costs you almost nothing to become an Advisor. There is no up-front fee, and there are no supplies to order. You need a computer (you provide), plus a little training to understand the electricity and natural gas markets, and how to answer questions from customer’s (we provide). 
  • How much you make depends on how hard you work. It is employment that rewards those who make friends easily and know how to network.

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