About American Enerpower

American Enerpower was formed in 1999 as an energy brokerage and consulting company. The company’s management and sales team has many years of marketing experience in the energy business and is organized to serve the growing energy deregulation business in the United States, particularly electricity marketing in Texas. The management team has an average of over 25 years of energy and energy related business experience.

Richard D. Lewis
CEO and Founder
(713) 823-4663 RLewis@AmericanEnerpower.com

Rick Lewis
(832) 657-3868 RickLewis@AmericanEnerpower.com

Tim Allen
(936) 637-2995 TimAllen@AmericanEnerpower.com


Marty Drake
(214) 354-6654


Mike Harrington
(713) 824-6068

Courtney Lewis
Business Manager
(281) 889-8827

Ryan Sorrell
(936) 674-8169