Client Transaction Procedures To Execute Electricity Contract

  1. Provide one month of electricity invoices for each meter own to American Enerpower. 
  2. American Enerpower requests usage data from client’s distribution provider. 
  3. Upon American Enerpower’s receipt of usage information, American Enerpower sends out request for quotes to 5 to 8 electricity providers. 
  4. After receiving electricity quotes prepares a report listing all providers and rates being offered and provides to client for review. 
  5. Client and American Enerpower together review options on pricing, term, who to execute a contract with, for how long, when to execute a contract and other terms and conditions. 
  6. Client decides when to execute a contract and American Enerpower forwards to client a contract from the preferred electricity provider. The client reviews, approves and executes the contract and then returns to American Enerpower on the same day to review for signing compliance procedures. American Enerpower then forwards the same day to the electricity provider for final contract acceptance and execution. 
  7. Electricity provider accepts and executes the contract and notifies American Enerpower and then client is notified accordingly.
  8. After the contract is executed there is nothing further for the client to do other than start paying invoices from the new electricity provider. 
  9. American Enerpower continues to monitor client contract and answer any questions during the term of their contract and assist upon contract renewal at the appropriate time.