Questions To Ask When Obtaining a Quote

The following are typical questions that must be answered when obtaining quotes to make sure quotes from different providers are quoted on the same basis:

  1. What are the contract start and stop dates of the quotes? 
  2. Do quotes include or exclude congestion fees? 
  3. Do quotes contain a bandwidth provision, e.g. 25% bandwidth, 10% bandwidth etc.? 
  4. Are transmission losses included in the quotes? 
  5. Are transmission ancillaries costs included in quotes? 
  6. Are transmission costs included in quotes?
  7. Are basis costs included in quotes? 
  8. Are broker fees included in quotes? 
  9. What are the penalties for late payment? 
  10. What are the early termination fees and allowances? 
  11. Do quotes include or exclude meter fees? 
  12. What hour and day are the quotes prepared on? 
  13. What usage data are the quotes based on? 
  14. How many meters are included in the quotes? 
  15. Are the quotes provided on a fixed price basis or on another basis? 
  16. Are the quotes provided on maximizing pricing sweet spots by minimizing higher winter and summer seasonal rates? 
  17. Are quotes dependent on automatic payments only? 
  18. Has credit been approved for all meters quoted? 
  19. Are there any minimum usage requirements per meter or per contract? 
  20. What are the payment terms, e.g. 7 day, 14 days, 21 days, 40 days, etc.? 
  21. When should a contract be executed? 22. How long should a contract be executed for? 
  22. What type of contract should be executed, e.g. fixed, heat rate, bandwidth, and index? 
  23. Who should the contract be executed with? 
  24. How many quotes have been obtained from other providers? 
  25. Are quotes provided in an easy to read format for comparison purposes?
  26. Can a contract be executed now but start in a future month or year? 
  27. Can a blend and extend contract be executed with current provider? 
  28. Is provider credit worthy to provide service? 
  29. Does provider have any history of operational problems involving billing, changing credit conditions, etc? 
  30. Can a meter(s) be added or subtracted during the current contract? 
  31. Can renewal pricing be provided any time during term of current contract? 
  32. Are all meters and service addresses records maintained? 
  33. Can assistance be provided on any billing questions          
  34. Can assistance be provided on any outage problems to restore service ASAP? 
  35. Can invoices from retailers be audited for compliance with contract terms? 
  36. Is the client exempt from gross receipts tax? 
  37. Is the client exempt from sales tax?