Serving Commercial and Residential Clients Purchasing
Electricity and Natural Gas

American Enerpower is an energy brokerage and consulting firm. We represent and assist commercial and residential clients in purchasing electricity and natural gas at the lowest cost and best terms and conditions. We work with clients to find a solution to their unique energy needs. Thank you for choosing American Enerpower.

Helping Clients Make Key Decisions Buying Energy

  • When should you execute a contract
  • How long should you execute a contract for
  • Who should you execute a contract with
  • What price you should pay
  • What type of contract you should sign, e.g. fixed
  • What terms and conditions you should agree to
  • How much risk you should assume

Why Use American Enerpower To Purchase Energy 

  • American Enerpower represents buyers not sellers
  • Only web site providing FINAL rates with All costs, except sales tax. No hidden fees added later
  • Quotes from up to 10 suppliers provided
  • Help clients make key decisions buying energy
  • Established in 2002, bonded and registered
  • Provide outsourcing capability for clients at significantly lower cost, including our fees, with greater industry knowledge and experience then client can achieve internally
  • Services provided on the basis of experience, performance, reputation and trust